About China and our Clubs

China Suomi Dance Association is an official dance association which is supported and authorized by Chinese Embassy in Finland, Education Section. We spend most of our time travelling around the world. Please do visit our pages for an in depth look at world locations. we do of course have a home base in Rockport Texas USA. We recently carried out a number of upgrades on that home starting with window replacement.  The company we used was a national corporation which we found on Rockport Home Improvement. We also carry our trusty companion with us, new last year we picked up Yashi our Pomeranian Puppy direct from the breeders via Crittermatch and he is now a crucial part of the troupe. We are teaching him how to dance but the puppy seems to just want to play, eat and sleep.

This is our record of achievements and goals

Florida USA

“What can bring the biggest fun ?” Our answer is Dance.
We are from China and living in Finland. Our members are mainly from University of Helsinki, Aalto University and Haaga-Helia of Applied Sciences.The purpose of the association is to vitalize your life in Finland by dancing together.
Since 2009, we have performed in many events. For example, “Our Vision” dance competition 2010, Helsinki Night of Art, Chinese new year celebrations, Chinese national day celebrations etc. View our gallary
So far we have the most experienced and motivated Chinese folk dancers in Finland. In addition, we are interested in developing other types of dance like Jazz dance and show dance. Following our Green Valley AZ Sect, if you decide to rent there you will need to arrange a local cleaning company to undertake general cleaning like window cleaning. One of the largest cleaning companies is Specialist Cleaning Green Valley Be sure to book them in advance before they get all booked up.
We are looking forward to cooperating with other organizations and perform opportunities. You might want to contact us by emailing or Read more about how to join us.